33rd Annual Scarecrow Contest

Over 100 unique, handcrafted scarecrows are entered and displayed each year in Emma Krumbee’s Annual Scarecrow Festival. The winning contestants will share over $6,900 in cash prizes, and their work will be seen by thousands of people attending the festival. First prize in each category and age group is $400!



Traditional Harvest Figures: These scarecrows will be typically old-fashioned figures constructed from throw-aways of farm clothing, hay, stuffing, burlap, farm implements, or farm produce (corn husks, vegetables, pumpkins, etc.)
Humorous Scarecrows: These scarecrows should evoke smiles, if not belly laughs. Current events, storybook characters, cartoon figures, crazy characters, or out-of-the-ordinary situations are just a few of the ideas for humorous scarecrows. These characters would be fictional.
Celebrity Scarecrows: Use your imagination! These scarecrows can depict a modern day celebrity, or one from your past. Materials used may include metal, plastics, ceramics, etc. A celebrity is a real person. (Hint: consider movie or television stars, book characters, famous people in the news, famous historical figures).


Age Categories
• Youth: Preschool through Grade 6
• Teen: Grade 7 through Grade 12
• Family/Adult: 18 Years and Older


• 1st Place: $400 (each category and each age group)
• 2nd Place: $200 (each category and each age group)
• 3rd Place: $100 (each category and each age group)
• 4th Place: $50 (each category and each age group)


Contest judging will take place on Saturday, September 10, 2016. The Scarecrow Display will be open daily 10am-6pm, September 10th – October 30th, 2016.

To register and enter your scarecrow, simply complete the form below or print out this document and mail it to Emma Krumbees!

2013 Scarecrow Festival Entry Form

  • If you are entering the contest as part of a group, please tell us the name under which you'll be competing here

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